Aircel Free Internet Direct Trick

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Hello, Roastedroids. Did you enjoy the Airtel unlimited 3G trick? It worked for last 3 months. Meanwhile, I am going to share a new trick with you today. Aircel free internet direct trick, It is based on HOST and APN configuration. You will be pleased to know that it doesn’t require any data pack or main balance to work. It works perfectly at zero balance without any data pack. It doesn’t require any special packs. Unlike Airtel trick, you don’t have to spend a single penny from your budget.

Aircel Free internet Direct trick

Aircel free internet direct trick

Prerequisite of Aircel free internet

It is around 3 months since we shared this article with our readers. It is working fine. As the Airtel unlimited trick is blocked, this trick can be a lifesaver for many of us. Do follow all the mentioned steps and enjoy Airtel trick.

As mentioned earlier, this trick works on IP and APN configuration. So we have to edit both the values to some specific value. It is not as easy as it sound. Fortunately, there are some tools which bypass the cumbersome processes. Below is the list of requirements for the free working of free Aircel internet.

  • IP Tool, Download it
  • Aircel prepaid connection Sim.
  • A glass of water πŸ˜‰

Steps to get Aircel free internet

Known Issue
Aircel free internet direct trick

Speed Graph of Aircel Free Internet Direct Trick

As it free, you can try it for your circle without worry. We are facing momentarily speed drop for 1-3 seconds. It is not giving constant speed, However, Speed spike up to 1.3 MbPS in Circles of Bihar,West Bengal, and Up-east. Please share your experience with the help comment box below.


We are continuously improving, In fact, it is a human tendency. All the deals and tricks posted on RD are for educational purpose only. The working of deals and tricks posted over here are individually tested by our Team. Share this Article with your friends and help us to grow.



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31 thoughts on “Aircel Free Internet Direct Trick

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  2. Rishant says:

    Bro… suddenly this trick stopped working for me.. .. It is working with other aircel sims… so is there any way to fix the problem for my sim? ?? Plzz HELP…. If possible then plzz tell me at this email address ….plzzz help.. .

  3. sam Ruxx says:

    Bhai kaam krr RHA prr speed capping bhut ho rhaa h(getting a lot of speed capping)speed 0kbps pe ruka rhta h connect krte h thori der I mean 5-6 tktkspeed achha deta h firr 0 pe ake atk jata h n fir speed atah 1-2 zero kyaa kruuu any solution

  4. Hanu says:

    now I got that the sop doesn’t work on android 4.2 but now I am trying on android 5.0 I got two ports but what to do with this ports??Can I use net now or I have to use this ports somewhere else.

      • Hanu says:

        Tq sir i am getting free internet now,but i am new to aircel i dont know muvh about it,plzzz help when i switch to 3g my phone starts showing emergency calls only any solution for this??

        • Hanu says:

          ohh sorry that was not free internet i was using internet from my balsce,now again i am not able to connect in ip app its only showing wait,plzzz help

  5. Sunil says:

    Working ,but is there any trick to get more speed I’m getting 300-400 kbps and some time 20-30 only. Help please

    • Rock hard says:

      Yeah, working up east (confirmed by our member. )
      … Which proof you need pk ? You won’t need to pay anything for this trick.
      This trick is working on 0rs balance and no data pack required .
      …..thanks for visiting RD

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