Trick to Double,Triple,Quadruple,Even Decuple internet speed of JIO

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JIO – Almost a boon to internet users of India. At the same time a nightmare to its rivals. It’s more than 6 months since the first introduction of jio in the Indian market. It is offering 4G data at LTE speed, Voice Calling (Voice-over-LTE), Text messages, Roaming incoming and outgoing and many other VAS. All for free. The most Impacting move by jio was to offer free 4G.

increase internet speed of jio

Jio is getting a very positive response from the subscriber of India. More than 3 Lakhs New subscriber are enrolling for jio every day. It handles more than 1600 terabyte data every day. With this ever increasing load of subscriber’s data the internet speed of jio worsening day by day.

Earlier, in the starting days of jio, speed peaks up to 35Mbps. That was really blazing fast LTE speed. But now due to overwhelming load, the speed deteriorated to 1-3 Mbps or even worse in most of the circle. Recently, TRI also commented on the same “JIO offer the worst internet LTE speed” Crowning Airtel for highest attainable 4G speed.

Well, that was the sad part of the story. I have something which will make you happy from here onwards. Today, I am going to share a trick with you which will help you 2X (Double)…3X (Triple)..5X (quintuple)…10X (decuple) your jio internet speed. Believe me, you can achieve it easily.

Before proceeding, I’m listing

Requirement of this trick

  • A Windows or Mac machine.
  • Different internet Sources. (More you can arrange, more you will get speed)
  • External wifi cards. (Optional)

In this trick, we are going to combine all internet speed of different sources to a single tunnel. The resultant speed will be the integral sum of all the internet sources. For example, If I use three jio sim with an average speed of 4Mbps each, then the final speed which I get will be 12 Mbps. In the same way, you can use 4 jio sims to get 16 Mbps.

All the steps mentioned below are tested for Windows system and are completely working. Mac users can also follow these steps to Increase internet speed.

You can use this trick to increase internet speed of any isp. It is not limited to jio only.

We are going, to sum up, the internet speed of different internet sources to a single large tunnel. For that, we need a tiny but effective software Speedify (go for the free trial of 30 days). It sums up all the internet speed available at that point to a single large tunnel.

If you own more than one 4G enabled handset, it is good to start. If you don’t you can get it from your family members. Or plan a Get-together with your friends and start tunneling speed of the internet to the single blazing fast internet.

Steps to increase internet speed

  1. Do activate Hotspot of each phone with jio sim.
  2. connect the window machine with any single hotspot.
  3. You can also use LAN cable if you do have cable broadband available.
  4. Use external USB Wifi receivers to connect to more available wifis.
  5. Speedify all your available internet connection.
  6. You will get a high-speed internet connection which will be equal to the additive sum of all the available internet connection.

You can get further instruction from following Knowledgebase



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